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adapted from Nagy & Herman, 1987
Hard Work

Madison Middle School has a rich tradition of success in educating middle school age students – sixth, seventh and eighth graders.  This campus has been a middle school since 1985. Once an expansive junior high school, it features an excellent physical plant on a spacious block of land next to Red Bud Park  in south Abilene at the southern end of Barrow Street.

With a student population over 900, Madison Middle School serves the educational needs of a diverse population.  We realize our campus was built for one purpose- for learning to occur.  We are the leader in academic success for middle schools across west Texas and our faculty and staff understands the need to serve all learners that have the opportunity to walk the halls of MMS.  We believe that hard work beats talent when talent refuses to work hard.  That's why Bison are not afraid of "Hard Work."


Madison Mission Statement
Our primary purpose at Madison Middle School is to serve the educational needs of all our students in order to ensure success in learning.
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Bison Traits
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