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April, 2015


From time to time I hear individuals express concerns with the upcoming generation. These folks obviously do NOT work with children.  Daily I am amazed at the actions and words that we see and hear from many of our high school students.  So many of them have an in-depth understanding and sincere interest in the world around them.  The word "bully" has become quite a buzz word and the concept behind it is one that educators must guard against every minute of every day.  However, it is kindness, acceptance and empathy that we see FAR more often than bullying.  Somehow the positive stories are not reported like they should be.  Shame on us.  Those stories need telling!

We have a senior class that will graduate at the end of May that makes all of us extremely proud.  They bring the original meaning back to the word gang.  They pull for each other.  They look for ways to support their community.  They put others first.  It is completely refreshing to watch!  Yes, we still have issues that groups of people have... no matter the age.  But you need to know that our future generation is more apt to see the good in others, put others' needs before their own, and seek out ways to make this world a better place. They are leaving some mighty big footprints.
Here's a perfect example. Last week Caleb Carter asked if he could share some thoughts on the morning announcements.
"As I know many of you are aware, AISD has had a very difficult past few months. More recently, I've seen several things in the news and social media that mock the situation, and while I understand where that's coming from, it makes me sad to see it. For me it's always a haunting thing to watch someone's life burn, no matter who they are or what they've done. So I'd like to ask you all from the bottom of my heart, next time you see someone fall or make a mistake, however big it might be, don't laugh or rejoice in their failure, but rather mourn for the tragedy that it is."
Thank you, Caleb, for the reminder.  Your words are powerful.  And thank you, Class of 2015.  You've set the bar high for the classes to come.  You make it a great day to be an Eagle. 
Jennifer Raney