• I am Susan Piersall. I am married to Randy Piersall and I have two children, Savanna and Greyson. I am an active member of Highland Church of Christ. I grew up in Sweetwater, TX then I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics.  
     I became interested in teaching math while going to school and tutoring my peers. In middle school, I always had to go home and go back over the notes we took in class to understand what to do. As I became more confident in my math skills, I was able to explain the concepts to my peers in a way that they could understand and I liked seeing them succeed. I decided to pursue mathematics  just so I could teach secondary math classes. I have taught in AISD since 2004. My first 10 years in AISD were spent teaching 7th grade math at Clack, then Craig. I have been teaching Algebra I at AHS since 2013.
     I believe all students are capable of learning math. I also believe each student can improve their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts with hard work. I offer tutorials every day during Megalunch in my room or in the library. If a student has multiple teachers that need to be seen during lunch, I will make arrangements to help that student before or after school. I love having the opportunity to teach students and hopefully help them to enjoy math.
    Conference period: 2:50-3:40
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