• Hello!  I am a military veteran (Air Force).  My husband and I were stationed in Germany, Japan and Spain for a total of 11 straight years prior to coming to Abilene in 1992.   I was born and raised in Chicago.   We have 2 children and 3 grandchildren.    
    I graduated from University of Maryland with a BA in Computer Studies with a  minor in Math. 
    I  became a teacher in 2007.  I taught at Wallace AHS in Colorado City, TX; Hamlin HS in Hamiln TX; Jefferson Center and this is my second year at Abilene High.
    Tutoring Times: Tutuing times on desinated days will be posted on my classroom door.
  • Contact info:
    Phone: (325) 677-1731 Ext. 7069

    Best time to reach me: 
    Planning Period: 3rd, Time: 10:09 to 10:59
    Before school  7:30 to 8:15
    After School 3:35 to 4:00 
    You are welcome to contact me at any time. If I'm not avaliable, I will return your call or email before the end of the school day.