• Hello! I'm a first year teacher and super excited to be here. I graduated from California State University Northridge with a BA in Deaf Studies in 2010. I currently teach American Sign Language on both HS campuses. 
    Because I am at both high schools I do not have a tutoring time but am willing to meet with students on an individual need. 
    At Abilene HS I have first period conference, I do not have a conference at Cooper but if needed I will meet after school. 
    I have set up classroom blogs and update it often.
  • Abilene HS 2-4 period 

    Cooper HS 5-7 period 
    Ext: 1598 
    "The problem is NOT that the (Deaf) students do not hear. The problem is the hearing world DOES NOT LISTEN." Rev. Jesse L. Jackson