• Frequently Asked Questions
    When is it medically suggested that your child stay home from school?  

    If he/she…

    ·         Has a fever of 100.5 degrees or higher.

    ·         Has a rash along with a fever.

    ·         Has crusty, red, or “weepy” eyes.

    ·         Has head lice/nits present.

    ·         Has been vomiting or had diarrhea within the last 8 hours.

    ·         Has blood sugars over 300 with ketones in urine.

    ·         Has asthma symptoms that are not responding to medication.

    ·         Is still taking narcotic pain medicine after surgery or injury.

    ·         Has been seen by your family doctor or other physician and told to stay home. (Upon return to school, please bring a note clearing child to return to school.)

    When should you seek medical/dental care for your child?

    If he/she has…

    ·         A fever over 101 degrees with a sore throat.

    ·         Any rash along with a fever.

    ·         A fever with earache and/or drainage from the ear.

    ·         A fever with a loose cough that produces yellow or green mucous.

    ·         Worsening asthma symptoms.

    ·         Crusted or “weepy” eyes that are red and swollen.

    ·         Any illness that does not begin to improve within 2-3 days.

    ·         Frequently missed school or called to go home from school due to a specific problem.

    ·         High blood sugars with moderate to large ketones.

    ·         A toothache, swollen gums, or an injured tooth.

    What can parents/guardians do to make sure their student is ready to learn?

    ·         Make sure your student is getting 8-10 of good sleep each night.

    ·         Make sure your student has breakfast every morning.

    ·         If your student has been prescribed glasses/contacts, make sure he/she wears them EVERY day and that the glasses are in good repair with a current prescription.

    ·         Take your student for regular physicals and dental care, especially if he/she has a chronic health condition.

    ·         Make sure the school has current orders from your Health Care Provider for any medications or procedures that need to be provided for your child while at school. New orders are required each school year.


    Did You Know??


    Most health issues/procedures can be handled at school. Therefore, students should not have to miss more than the allotted number of days per semester due to health reasons. Call you school nurse regarding accommodations that can be implemented to keep your child in school!


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