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    Second Semester Schedule Changes

    This week only (Dec 11-15) the counselors will be available during mega lunch if you think there is a problem with your 2nd semester schedule.  
    Changes CANNOT be made for the following reasons:

    • I don’t like my teacher
    • I don’t like this class anymore
    • I failed first semester (go to mini-mester to recover credits)
    • I don’t need this class
    • I want to do it in plato (plato is full)

    There are few one semester classes available; therefore, few changes can be made for the next semeser


    AP English Mock Exams

    The AP 11th and 12th grade English Mock Exams are scheduled for December 12 and 13.  

    • December 13th, AP Junior English Students will be excused from periods 1-4 to participate in the Mock AP Exam.  
    • On Tuesday, December 12, Senior AP English students will be excused periods 1-4 for the same purpose.
    • These exams are paid for through the College Initiative Program are are sent off to be scored by teachers and professionals who have experience scoring the national exam.  Students receive valuable,, detailed feedback from this opportunity and have a firmer grasp of the skills/mental stamina necessary to succeed on the May exam.  
    • Please note that Zero Period students are not excused from their classes on these days.


    Winter Break 

    • Student Holidays - Dec. 22st - Jan. 5th
    • Alternate Staff Dev. Days - Dec. 22nd & Jan. 5th


    Weekly CHAMPS Focus

      • Catch and Release 


    Fall Semester Exemptions

    • 90 above, 2 absences allowed
    • 80-89, 1 absence allowed
    • 75-79, 0 absences allowed
      • No discipline referrals; no detention; no DAEP: no ISS
    • 9th Grade - at most 2 exemptions
    • 10th Grade - at most 3 exemptions
    • 11th Grade - at most 4 exemptions
    • 12th Grade - at most 5 exemptions(fall)


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