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District Information and Organization Charts

Abilene Independent School District has developed and is implementing a District Improvement Plan.

Abilene ISD Core Beliefs

  • All children can learn, but all children do not learn in the same way.
  • All children learn best in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment,
  • All children learn best when they are active participants in the process.
  • All children have immeasurable, inherent worth and thrive on positive recognition.
  • All children should have access to excellent educational opportunities.
  • The education of all children is the responsibility of the family, school district, and community.

AISD Student Achievement Goals

  • Goal 1 AISD will develop a strong literacy foundation for every student.
  • Goal 2 AISD will advance character development by nurturing habits of mind and ethical, principle-based leadership.
  • Goal 3 AISD will prepare all students for success in college and the workforce.
  • Goal 4 AISD will fully integrate student-led technology and develop innovative learning environments and facilities for the purpose of high student engagement, safety and academic success.
  • Goal 5 AISD will secure high quality, effective staff who embrace diversity, are reflective of and responsive to the district’s student body, utilize best practices and understand the importance of student engagement, rigorous and relevant learning environments and the significance of connecting with students to foster a desire to learn.


Board of Trustees

The Abilene ISD Board of Trustees is an elected body made up of seven at-large seats served in four-year terms. The Board meets twice per month, typically on the first and second Monday. An Agenda Review is held the first Monday at 5 p.m., where the agenda for the Regular Meeting is previewed and Trustees determine items for consent and regular agendas. The Regular Meeting is typically held on the second Monday, starting with an Executive Session at 5 p.m. and followed by the official public meeting at 6 p.m. The open meeting consists of recognition of students, staff or community partners; an opportunity for public comment; and consideration of items on both the consent and regular agendas.

Major Functions of the Board of Trustees:

  • To set goals and expectations for the school district.
  • To establish policy (board-governing principles).
  • To select the Superintendent of schools.
  • To establish an annual budget and tax rate.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness with which the Superintendent and his staff are achieving the school district goals and carrying out School Board policies.

The Board consists of seven Trustees serving terms of four years, with elections held biennially. The terms of one-half of the Trustees, or as near to one-half as possible, expire every two years.

School Board Meetings:
Meetings are open to the public and agendas are posted at least 72 hours in advance in accordance with the Texas Open Meeting Act.


Administration Organizational Chart

Superintendent’s Cabinet
The Superintendent’s Cabinet meets weekly, typically each Monday morning, to review district policies and administrative regulations, oversee the district’s strategic planning, and discuss district-wide and educational topics. The cabinet is made up of the following positions:

  • Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendent for Leadership and Student Services
  • Associate Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction
  • Associate Superintendent for Operations
  • Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer

Executive Team
The Executive Team meets twice a month to provide administrative leadership to relay information, make reports and develop strategic planning with the Superintendent’s Cabinet. The Executive Team is made up of the following positions:

  • Superintendent’s Cabinet
  • Executive Director of Student Services
  • Executive Director of Athletics
  • Executive Director of Fine Arts
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Executive Director of Federal Programs
  • Executive Director of ESL & District Planning
  • Executive Director of Special Education

District Leadership Team
The District Leadership Team brings together district-wide department heads and campus leadership for a monthly meeting to disseminate information, seek input on district-wide issues, develop leadership skills and discuss strategic planning.

District administrators and contact information

Administrator’s Chart

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Administration Organizational Chart
Organizational Chart