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Mission and Goals

The mission of the Abilene Independent School District is to provide exceptional educational opportunities in an environment that will produce graduates with the skills necessary to become productive, responsible citizens.


Abilene ISD will develop a strong literacy and numeracy foundation for every student.

Abilene ISD will advance character development by nurturing habits of mind and ethical, principle-based leadership.

Abilene ISD will prepare all students for success in college and the workforce.

Abilene ISD will fully integrate student-led technology and develop innovative learning environments and facilities for the purpose of high student engagement, safety and academic success.

Abilene ISD will secure high quality, effective staff who embrace diversity, are reflective of and responsive to the district’s student body, utilize best practices and understand the importance of student engagement, rigorous and relevant learning environments and the significance of connecting with students to foster a desire to learn.


  • All children can learn, but all children do not learn in the same way.
  • All children learn best in a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment.
  • All children learn best when they are active participants in the process.
  • All children have immeasurable, inherent worth and thrive on positive recognition.
  • All children should have access to excellent educational opportunities.
  • The education of all children is the responsibility of the family, school district, and community.