It’s Team Time at Bonham Elementary School.

With the additional minutes added to the school day, Bonham created 30 minutes at the end of each day designated as Team Time.

Special classes and all other programs are concluded by this time, therefore additional staff are readily available to assist classroom teachers.  Two days a week are focused on math, two days a week are focused on ELAR, and one day a week is for enrichment.

Additional staff members are assigned to grade levels in order to create small groups based on the level of instruction that is needed for each student. This allows our above grade level students to receive additional accelerated activities, our on level students to receive additional practice and our below grade level students to receive remediation.

The groups change as the students grow.  Teachers have designed games, research projects and other creative ways to reach all students.

One teacher has created an escape room game. Students are given math questions specific to their level, and as they solve the problems, they are one step closer to escaping the room.  First grade classes learn different math games and teach it to students from other first grade classes during Team Time. This allows for the students to teach and practice the skills that they learned in class.

The enrichment groups change every 6-8 weeks and occur each Friday. For the first session we had enrichment groups ranging from Fancy Fingers, where teachers taught finger nail hygiene, to Engineering, where students were given a problem and solved it by building something with Legos. Students also had the opportunity to be in enrichment groups that focused on music, art and fitness.

All students participate in Team Time each day.  We are so excited about the positive experiences that are coming from our Team Time!