By MIGNON LAWSON/Director of Adult Education

The Adult Education program continues to expand the services offered.

Students who need to complete a Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE), formerly called the GED, take classes in Math, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning though Language Arts.   A student must score 145 on each computer-based test to pass the test.  A student who scores 165 – 174 is college ready and a score of 175 – 200 is college ready plus credit.  The 175-200 score means that the student has demonstrated some of the skills that are taught in college-level classes.

Students who score 165+ on a test are recognized at the Adult Education Graduation Ceremony by wearing a specific colored honor cord indicating the subject with the high score.

The Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education (TALAE) is a state organization that anyone may join to help promote adult education. Student members who score high on all four GED test may be nominated by a teacher for a scholarship from the TALAE organization.

The Abilene Adult Education program had three students honored at the TALAE conference in February 2018.  Each student received a $1,200 check from TALAE that the student could use to help further their education at the college level.  This honor is a testimony to the dedication of the students and the wonderful teachers who work with them each day.

In addition to preparing students for the GED tests, there is now a career pathway available for students to co-enroll at the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing (PHSSN). This allows the adult learner to complete their TxCHSE and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate at approximately the same time. Students who qualify for adult education services and pass the screening of PHSSN may participate in this program.

English as a Second Language (ESL) students continue to have their needs met in the classroom and through Ed2Go online college classes. ESL students must have a degree from their home country to be eligible for the Ed2Go classes. Adult Education teachers lead the ramp classes for these online college courses. Last year approximately 60 students qualified for Ed2Go classes.

The Adult Education program continues to serve 19 counties with Abilene ISD serving as the fiscal agent.  The program strives to help all adult learners in these counties to Connect, Lead and Succeed.