NAME:  Shelley Childress

DEPARTMENT/CAMPUS:  Long Early Learning Center

TITLE:  Campus Secretary


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? WHAT SCHOOL DID YOU ATTEND? I grew up in Lamesa, Texas, but I’ve lived in Abilene for 23 years now.

TELLS US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: My husband, Steve Childress, is a Counselor at Craig Middle School.  We have been married for 27 years and love Abilene.  Both of our sons are Abilene High graduates.  Ryan recently graduated from ACU and now lives and works in San Antonio.  Reese currently attends Hardin-Simmons University and plays football for the Cowboys.

TELL US SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT YOURSELF: I am going back to school to finish my degree.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? My favorite part of my job is the flexibility it allows me. I am able to enjoy the activities my boys take part in as well as travel to see family.  Having experienced the corporate world as a former software engineer at Hendrick Medical Center, my family time was almost non-existent and prevented me from enjoying these things. I had to make a change, and by the grace of God, this job came to me. I am so thankful. I also happen to work with the best staff in the district which makes this job even more enjoyable.

 HERE’S WHAT THE BOSS SAYS ABOUT HER: “There is no doubt about it…Ms. Shelley is the best kept secret in the District. She is smart and capable of doing every single task in the office with ease. She is quick and efficient.  Ms. Shelley is highly organized and has a strong understanding of technology, which is beneficial to everyone on campus. She has a laugh like none other.   The sounds of her laughter can be heard far and wide and immediately bring joy to all within hearing distance. She simply “gets” people.  She is a woman of tremendous character and integrity and is kind and compassionate in her dealings with those around her. She communicates well with staff and families. She is a “child magnet.” When children make eye contact with her, they just start talking.  Their conversations are sweet, humorous, sometimes weird and often tender. It is truly an honor and a privilege to work with Ms. Shelley. We are so very glad she said “yes” to Early Childhood eight years ago. (And, just in case you are wondering…she doesn’t plan on going anywhere else for a long, long time…so, don’t even try to sneak her away from us. She won’t do it.” –  Jenny Putnam, Director of Early Childhood Programs