Several 5th and 6th graders from Abilene ISD schools will receive an important award for coming to the aid to some local friends – the furry, four-legged variety.

For a Girls Scout leadership and community service project, the girls collaborated on a pair of projects to raise donations for the Taylor-Jones Humane Society and Paw Angels Animal Rescue organizations.

The eight girls from local troops 7300 and 7234 will receive the Bronze Awards during a Higher Awards banquet on Saturday night, Dec. 8.

Girl Scouts Troop 7300Girls representing Troop 7300 who teamed together to help the Taylor-Jones Humane Society, which operates a no-kill shelter, are Bella Dennard and Danicka Guzman of Bassetti Elementary, Iliana Dillinger and Sophie Schutter of Dyess Elementary, and Kaitlyn Izworski  and Mi’Shell Stewart of Clack Middle School.

Craig Middle School students Raquel DeLeon and Maggie Stone will earn their award for benefitting, a group of local individuals formed to assist the Abilene Animal Shelter to re-home unwanted animals.

Projects for the Higher Awards recognition, which also includes Silver and Gold awards for older scouts, require members to observe their community, identify a problem that requires a solution, build a personal network of support, engage their community in the solution and summarize the outcomes of their work.

The girls helping the Humane Society spent time researching dog and cat treats to find the healthiest products, researched the services animal shelters provide, and visited the shelter twice, including once to help the staff. They completed the project by collecting food, litter and toys to donate to the shelter.

For their project, the Craig students generated awareness through local and social media to collect donations of food, toys and litter to help the unwanted animals get the treatment they need to become healthy pets.