Crockett Early Head Start started its engines and raced into the second annual fatherhood engagement event, “Dad’s Derby,” on Nov. 29.

Dads of EHS students (birth-to-three year olds) rallied together in the Crockett Early Head Start cafeteria for food, fun and fast-paced activities such as Bubble Wrap Blast-Off, where they raced alongside their crawling child. There was energy, laughter and loving memories made as dads played with their children through activities such as the Downhill Derby Car Race, Tire Ring Toss, Stoplight Cornhole and Traffic Cone Bowling. These activities were designed with fathers in mind to make memorable father-child moments.

A presentation was given to the dads using the National Fatherhood Initiative’s theme of “It only takes a moment to be a dad.”

Crockett’s Mental Health Professional, Brody Powell, stressed for dads to take time to turn the small everyday moments you share with your kids into lasting memories. He spoke about how important it is to “take a moment” to play, connect and engage often with their child. Brody reminded Crockett EHS dads that their positive and loving influence on their child results in higher language development, communication skills, social skills and even IQ levels, and that “putting in the maintenance now” will make for a much “smoother ride” into those challenging teen years.

But this event wasn’t just fun for the dads. Many of our Crockett teachers and staff members were delighted to be a part of the event, as they got to soak in these heart-warming moments of seeing the fathers of the children they teach having fun with their kids. The Crockett staff loved being able to provide an atmosphere for fathers to learn that “It only Takes a Moment to Make a Moment” with their kids!