NAME: Lilia Lipps

DEPARTMENT: ATEMS – Foreign Language

TITLE: Spanish Teacher


WHERE ARE YOU FROM? WHAT SCHOOL DID YOU ATTEND? I was born and raised in Mexico. I attended ACU and graduated in 1996.

TELLS US ABOUT YOUR FAMILY: My husband is a professor at ACU. I have two sisters and four brothers.

TELL US SOMETHING INTERESTING ABOUT YOURSELF: I have an engineering degree from Mexico and a teaching degree from the United States.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR JOB? My favorite part of my job is seeing my students succeed in learning Spanish.

WHAT THE BOSS SAYS ABOUT HER: “Mrs. Lipps has long been a valued member of the staff here at ATEMS.  In fact, our staff members often refer to her as their “mother” as she takes care of organizing campus functions and luncheons and is usually the first one to help with the cleanup for those events. Mrs. Lipps is dependable, seldom misses work, does a great job working with kids, and is willing to help her colleagues when necessary. She has a wealth of knowledge about the focus of ATEMS (and public education in general) and always carries herself in a professional manner. We are lucky to have her serving our students, and hope she remains on our campus for years to come!” – Jeff Howle, Principal, Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math & Science