All the hard work paid off with fun and games at three Million Word Reader celebrations held the last week of the 2018-19 school year.

More than 400 elementary readers in grades kindergarten to 5th grade celebrated their outstanding reading achievements on May 20 at Abilene Christian University.

This maked the 8th annual event to reward students who have read one million words or more this school year, and there are some students who have read more than 8 million words. Activities included a literature quiz game, genre breakouts, iPad genre selfies, Tetris art, outdoor games at Jacobs Dream, lunch at the Bean, and a readers theater genre presentation by Dr. Dana Mayhall and education students from ACU.

Also on May 20, the first of nearly 250 middle school students gatehered at McMurry University to celebrate. Students from Clack and Madison began by enjoying breakfast at their campus and then headed to McMurry for a day of fun under the theme, “Let the Games Begin.” The students rotated through stations throughout the day having a book battle, playing life size chess, checkers, and connect four, as well as testing their knowledge to solve a mystery and a break-out box.  McMurry provided a hot lunch for all of the readers before they headed back to campus. Students from Craig and Mann enjoyed the same experience on May 22.

photos courteous of Richard Keker