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ABILENE – Friday morning, the Abilene ISD launched an “always-on” customer service platform specifically designed for school districts to turn everyday interactions into exceptional customer service experiences.

The AISD has partnered with K12 Insight to launch the Let’s Talk app on the district website (abileneisd.org). The Let’s Talk app is going to start in the Human Resources department, but will soon branch out to virtually every office in the AISD central office.

“The platform is currently live on our district web page through ‘AskAbileneISD’ and within the Human Resources page,” AISD associate superintendent for Human Resources Dr. Joe Waldron said. “We anticipate this growing throughout the district in the coming months, but currently HR conversations and those that would come through AskAbileneISD are live for stakeholders to utilize.”

The Let’s Talk app is a Cloud-based technology designed to provide real-time data about our stakeholder’s experiences, and it can be accessed through any device. All questions, comments, complaints, concerns or compliments can go through the app.

Let’s Talk is customized so that every submission is assigned to an appropriate school administrator and that administrator receives a notification – sometimes as often as daily – from the app until the submission is answered.

The app monitors submissions for trends and allows the district’s service departments to better communicate across all stakeholder groups.