ABILENE – The top academic students of the Abilene ISD Class of 2020 at Abilene High, Cooper and the Academy of Technology, Engineering, Math and Science (ATEMS) were announced Monday night in a virtual ceremony.

The Top 25 students at both Abilene High and Cooper were announced, while the top 10 percent of the ATEMS class (six students) were announced.

Jane Hill is the Valedictorian for the Abilene High Class of 2020. Hill has received numerous awards and has been honored multiple times during her high school career. She is an AP Scholar with Distinction and is a National Merit Commended Scholar. She played on the AHS tennis team and is the Senior Class treasurer. She plans to attend the University of Richmond and major in Business Administration.

Derek Jones is the Valedictorian for the Cooper High School Class of 2020. Jones is a member of the Cooper Student Council where he serves as the treasure. He is also a member of Red Rhythm and Blues and is the Concert Choir president. He is an AP Scholar with Distinction and will attend Baylor University and major in Church Music with a specialization in Voice.

Maddy Beal is the Valedictorian for the ATEMS High School Class of 2020. Beal is a member of several UIL Academic Teams (Science, Literary Criticism, Spelling and Debate), and is alls a member of the AISD Super Crew. Beal plans to attend the University of Texas and major in Chemical Engineering.

Here are the top graduates at each school for the 2019-20 school year:

Abilene High
1. Jane Hill
2. Sidney Irwin
3. Hansen Penya
4. Sonia Liu
5. Nathaniel Hernandez
6. Jia Spangler
7. Andrew Fink
8. JulieAnn Sauceda
9. Ashley Filorio
10. Joshua Musonera
11. Annie Herridge
12. Alexandra Sharp
13. Parker Fowlkes
14. Michelle Oliver
15. Miah Dennis
16. Katelyn Pharris
17. Rynn Wallace
18. Skylar England
19. Tavia Wilson
20. Phillip Tellez
21. Morgan Zara
22. Caleb Queen
23. Natalie Porter
24. Kaylee Bentle
25. Jagger Horn

Cooper High School
1. Derek Jones
2. Kennedy Carmichael
3. Rachelle Placencia
4. Dylan Fahey
5. Sonali Bhikha
6. Zachary Miller
7. Amanda Strickland
8. Matheo Vergara
9. Kenzie Fortson
10. Elizabeth Clancy
11. Madison Warren
12. Ange Irakoze
13. Josephine Bandora
14. Braiden Hill
15. Amber Palmer
16. Miyazhane Miller
17. Michael Scarborough
18. Erin Dutschke
19. Alli Herman
20. Jackson Young
21. Ada Rodrigueaz
22. Ellis McMillon
23. Meri Tetaj
24. Jasmine Martinez
25. Hudson Hawkins

ATEMS High School
1. Maddy Beal
2. Bertha Sanchez
3. Bijita Tripathi
4. Samuel Haley
5. Janicie Slade
6. Kaleb Reyna