Back-to-School PageInstructional Plan Video (with Dr. Dan Dukes)
Health and Safety Information Video (with Dr. Gustavo Villanueva)

ABILENE — The Abilene ISD launched its Back-to-School page on the district website Friday morning with links to important videos for parents and faculty as well as other important information.

The Back-to-School page can be found here and includes links to the 2020-21 School Supply list for each campus, among other things. The page also includes a link to the Parent Survey the district unveiled Wednesday that will help the district learn which of its students will be on campus for school in 2020-21, and which of its students will choose the remote learning option.

The district will release its Reopening Plan on the website and to parents and staff before the start of next week. Included in that plan will be the extensive protocols the district will follow to provide a safe and healthy learning environment throughout the 2020-21 school year.

Included on the Back-to-School page is some additional information parents will need to know as they make their decision on in-person or remote learning for 2020-21:

• Parents will be asked to provide a water bottle for each of their students and send it to school each day filled with water to drink throughout the day;

• The district is asking now that if parents have the means to buy a device for each student in their household that they do so in order that they might continue learning remotely in the event of a classroom, grade-level, campus or district shutdown at some point during the school year; and

• Please be on the lookout for more communication concerning transportation and bus routes for the 2020-21 school year. Because the district might have limited space on buses throughout the year because of social/physical distancing, the AISD is asking parents who are able and have the ability to do so to transport their student(s) to and from school each day. Next week, the district will be sending a survey to parents who have used AISD transportation in the past to gauge whether or not they will be using our transportation or their own to get their student(s) to school and back home each day.