Two Abilene ISD students placed and medaled at the Academic UIL state meet at the University of Texas earlier this month. Abilene High School junior Marin Murry placed second in Copy Editing in the Class 5A meet, and ATEMS senior Aaron Brokovich placed sixth in Computer Science in the Class 2A meet.

Murray finished second behind Humble Kingwood Park’s Constance Streitman at the contest, which was May 17-18 in Austin.

Murray qualified for the state Academic UIL meet after she won the Copy Editing contest and finished second in the News Writing contest at the Region I-5A contest on April 21-22 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

Abilene High junior Barret Roberson placed fourth in News Writing and fifth in Editorial Writing at the regional contest, earning alternate state status. AHS senior Glorianna Nichols finished fourth in Headline Writing to earn alternate state status.

The entire ATEMS Computer Science team qualified for the Class 2A state meet after placing first in the event’s team competition at the regional meet. Brokovich was third, followed by teammates Ethan Dole (eighth), Dathan Dillinger (ninth), and Derek Brindle (15th). 

At the state meet, Brokovich was sixth in Computer Science, followed by Dillinger (16th), Brindle (19th), and Dole (22nd). That group took the top four spots in the Computer Science event at the District 8-2A meet with Brokovich winning the district title, followed by Dole, Dillinger, and Brindle.

Abilene High and Cooper each competed at the District 4-5A academic meet at Texas Tech (March 24-25), and the following are the AISD results from that meet:

Overall School Sweepstakes – 1. Abilene Wylie, 2. Lubbock High, 3. Lubbock Cooper, 4. Abilene High, 5. Lubbock Coronado, 6, Lubbock Monterey, 7. Abilene Cooper.

Speech Team Sweepstakes – 1. Lubbock High, 2. Abilene Wylie, 3. Abilene High, 4. (tie) Lubbock Cooper and Lubbock Monterey.

Journalism Team Sweepstakes – 1. Abilene High, 2. Lubbock Cooper, 3. Abilene Wylie, 4. Lubbock High, 5. Lubbock Monterey.

Calculator Applications – 26. Mack Summers, Cooper.

Copy Editing – 1. Marin Murray, AHS; 2. Samantha Connelly, AHS.

Current Issues and Events – 6. Molly Carroll, AHS; Miles Etter, AHS; 16. Lily Kovac, CHS; 19. Jentry Bennett, AHS; 21. Ava Quinones, CHS; 26. Destiny Mendonza, AHS; 26. Logan Hamilton, CHS; 29. Ian Martin, CHS; 30. Evelyn Colyer, CHS.

Editorial Writing – 3. Barrett Roberson, AHS; 6. Samantha Connelly, AHS.

Feature Writing – 2. Marin Murray, AHS; 3. Glorianna Nichols, AHS; 6. Gabrielle Palarez, AHS.

Headline Writing – 2. Glorianna Nichols, AHS; 6. Jane Hakiyimana, AHS.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 4. Miles Etter, AHS.

Literary Criticism – 16. Lily Kovac, CHS; 19. Ian Martin, CHS; 22. Anessa Tedford, CHS; 22. Logan Hamilton, CHS; 24. Evelyn Colyer, CHS; 26. Mack Summers, CHS.

Mathematics – 23. Logan Hamilton, CHS; 23. Mack Summers, CHS; 26. Danika Thompson, CHS; 27. Emilee Webster, CHS; 28. Emerson Maropoulos, CHS.

News Writing – 2. Marin Murray, AHS; 3. Barrett Roberson, AHS.

Number Sense – 25. Mack Summers, CHS; 26. Emerson Moropoulos, CHS.

Persuasive Speaking – 5. Molly Carroll, AHS; 6. Kaitlyn Johnson, AHS.

Ready Writing – 3. Lily Kovac, CHS.

Science – 9. Lily Kovac, CHS; 18. Amara McGee, AHS; 22. Mallory Traylor, AHS; 22. Ava Quinones, CHS; 29. Emily Webster, CHS; 32. Arabella Marz, AHS; 33. Molly Carroll, AHS.

Social Studies – 8. Ian Martin, CHS; 9. Anessa Tedford, CHS; 14. Ava Quinones, CHS; 15. Lily Kovac, CHS; 18. Danika Thompson, CHS; 23. Emilee Webster, CHS.

Spelling – 10. Evelyn Colyer, CHS; 13. Logan Hamilton, CHS; 14. Mack Summers, CHS; 17. Jentry Bennett, AHS; 18. Danika Thompson, CHS; 21. Anessa Tedford, CHS; 22. Julia Langkiet, AHS; 23. Emerson Moropoulos, CHS.