Beginning in June, AISD families can log in and learn more about their child’s STAAR results. End-of-Course results will be available starting Friday, June 7. STAAR results for students who recently completed grades 3-8 will be available Friday, June 14.

To access your STAAR results:
  1. Log in to the Frontline Parent Portal
  2. Next to your child’s name, click on Texas Assessment Parent Portal
From there, you can view scores, test questions, and personalized resources to support learning at home.
If your student took the STAAR test as a 3rd grader, or if your student is new to the district this year, the method above will be available by July 19, 2024. To check your scores before that time, please follow these instructions:
  1. Log in to the Frontline Parent Portal
  2. Obtain your student’s State Unique ID.
  3. Navigate to and click “How do I access my code?” under Information and Support.
  4. Enter the State Unique ID in the first box below and then fill in the rest of the information. This will give you the access code needed to log in.
  5. Navigate back to the Family Portal login screen at and enter the code to obtain your student’s scores.

For troubleshooting help, please contact your student’s campus or our email our Assessment and Accountability department. Please note that campuses and district offices are closed on Fridays during the summer.