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First Grade

giraffe First grade is a pivotal year in a child’s education. The reading and math foundations that began in kindergarten continue as the child’s educational “house” is built. If there is not a strong foundation in reading and math skills, this house will not stand.

Knowing that, the first grade faculty at Alcorta works very hard to offer many opportunities for our children to learn. Our goal is to meet the child’s needs where they are and build from there. This is done in whole class settings, small groups, and one on one. Many children need that extra time out side of the school day. For that reason tutoring is offered.

One of our goals is to educate the whole child through various avenues in general information. We do much of this teaching through several field trips throughout the school year. Field trips to places such as the Western Heritage Day at Hardin Simmons University, Abilene Zoo, and Safety City, further expose our students to the world around them.

Alcorta first grade is a wonderful and exciting place. We look forward to working with your child during this most important year of school!