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Kindergarten teachers


Kindergarten goes far beyond academics. This year at Alcorta, your child will be learning important social skills as well.

We will learn how to make friends, take turns, cooperate with others, and become responsible citizens. Throughout the school year we will put these skills to work on our planned field trips. We will travel to the Istre Farm where we will have hands on experience learning what a working farm is all about. In addition, we will visit the Planetarium and Abilene Zoo.

Walk into our kindergarten rooms on any given day and you could see:
              • Happy faces
              • Singing and dancing to educational songs
              • Examining and feeding live silkworms
              • Patterning¬† with pasta
              • Parading across the stage in silly socks
              • Expressing our thoughts in journals AND
              • Counting, counting, counting!

                Looking forward to a fun filled year of learning!