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Third Grade

Third grade will be a challenging and fun year for your third grader. Your child is starting to grow up and take on more responsibility. They are going to take their first state mandated test given in both reading and math. They will be working hard all year in math discovering new ways to solve problems, and they will begin to learn their multiplication facts. We will be exploring all kinds of things in science as we do a variety of experiments. They will become better readers as they learn new comprehension skills.
Some fun things to look forward to include our big trip to Safety City, a visit to the Planetarium, and a chance to see the Philharmonic Orchestra. Your child will be participating in Accelerated Reader (AR) this year. Please encourage them to check AR books out from the library when we go each week. We will celebrate their reading success with a big party at the end of the year. We are looking forward to watching your child grow this year.