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Physical Education

Physical Education

Mrs. Gilley and Mrs.  Dodson
Mrs. Gilley–PE Coach          Mrs. Dodson–PE Aide

At Alcorta Elementary, we love to do a variety of different activities that the kids can enjoy so that our students will be able to choose something they can do to be active the rest of their life. Some of the special activities the students are involved in during the year include our running program, Turkey Trot, and Jump Rope for Heart.

The students also learn sport skills, rhythms, different types of games and exercises, and how to incorporate academics into a P.E. setting. Once a week we also give a health lesson where students can learn about nutrition, safety, muscles, bones, and any other tools we can give them to lead a healthy life.

Our program covers the objectives for the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) and the curriculum is aligned with the Abilene ISD scope and sequence for Elementary Physical Education. One of our biggest objectives is for students to learn that being active can be fun so they continue to participate even after they are no longer in P.E.