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Spanish II

Students continue to further develop and improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Emphasis is placed on comprehension of Spanish, as well as, reading and writing practice in the target language using a variety of activities incorporating familiar vocabulary and structures. Supplementary materials are introduced to enhance language use.

Aspects of contemporary Spanish culture are introduced through the use of media, games, and adapted readings and in small or large group discussions. In addition to written/oral tests and quizzes, students are assessed using a variety of formats: oral dialogues, presentations, written compositions and other means. Homework assignments are an integral part of this course as they not only reinforce concepts and skills that are introduced in class, but also enable students to participate in class discussions. Completion of homework assignments is essential to success in this course. In an effort to better prepare students for further honor classes and the Advanced Placement Course, it is imperative that students in Level 1 exhibit diligence with regard to attitude and work ethic. Continuous effort to use the target language is essential. Active participation is a must!