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AP Statistics

The AP Statistics course lends itself naturally to a mode of teaching that engages students in constructing their own knowledge. For example, students working individually or in small groups can plan and perform data collection and analyses where the teacher serves in the role of a consultant, rather than a director. This approach gives students ample opportunity to think through problems, make decisions and share questions and conclusions with other students as well as with the teacher. Important components of the course should include the use of technology, projects and laboratories, cooperative group problem-solving, and writing, as a part of concept-oriented instruction and assessment. This approach to teaching AP Statistics will allow students to build interdisciplinary connections with other subjects and with their world outside school. © 2010 The College Board. Visit the College Board on the Web: www.collegeboard.com. 6 The AP Statistics course depends heavily on the availability of technology suitable for the interactive, investigative aspects of data analysis. Therefore, schools should make every effort to provide students and teachers easy access to computers to facilitate the teaching and learning of statistics.