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Austin Elementary Physical Education

Mission Statement

The purpose of our program is to provide all students with the knowledge, skills, and desire to live a healthy and physically active life.

Physical Education activities are planned and conducted using the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) which is a guide for developing our curriculum with the proper alignment of scope and sequence. In addition to addressing psychomotor activities and cognitive awareness, all students are encouraged to display good sportsmanship and teamwork.

In addition to the “regular” activities, we also provide the opportunity to participate in optional activities that encompass goals and standards that pertain to our program. These activities include but are not limited to…Punt, Pass, and Kick, Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart, Kindergarten PE Program, all school PE Extravaganza, Dance-Dance Revolution, traverse climbing wall, and the Fifth Grade Track Meet. Wellness Running is our program that allows all our students to participate in every week to promote cardiovascular fitness.

It is very important to us that your child wears shoes that will help them be safe.  Athletic type shoes with a closed heal and toe are appropriate.  Dress shoes, sandals, high soles, crocks, boots, and flip-flops are not appropriate for our activities.  Thank you for your help with this matter!
Box Tops For Education – This is a fantastic program that allows us to turn your trash into CASH for our school.  BoxTops are found on hundreds of products. All you have to do is clip them out and send them to school and we do the rest.  General Mills gives us ten cents for each box top and if everybody participates that could add up to a lot of cash.  Many items have been purchased with Box Tops funds:  various equipment, Wellness Running ribbons, pictures, toe tokens, just to name a few.  More detailed information will be sent home periodically about contests, participating products, etc…  Please check out their website at boxtops4education.com whenever you have an opportunity.