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Elementary DAEP

Hello! My name is Lisa Smith and I am the teacher for the Elementary DAEP. My self-contained classroom is located on the Bassetti Elementary campus and this district-wide disciplinary program serves grades K-5 (ages 6 and up). My teaching assistant, Victoria Wilcox, and I have worked to develop a meaningful classroom environment in which struggling students can have the opportunity to learn new skills and coping strategies that can help them achieve better behavioral success. Various social emotional lessons with hands-on activities are taught and include concepts in mindfulness, coping strategies, self-regulation, and more. It is our goal that students attending a DAEP cohort will become more emotionally leveled in our small setting through a newly adopted therapeutic approach. Each day we work to maintain a tranquil, supportive classroom that is specially designed to meet the specific needs of our student population while providing an opportunity for them to continue with their academic studies. Upon returning to the home campus, students will hopefully be better equipped to make appropriate behavioral choices and in turn, participate more successfully in the academic process.


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