Image result for google keepGoogle Keep is an organizational tool for capturing, storing and referencing info on the fly. Users can add a note by typing or recording their voice, and a speech-to-text feature automatically transcribes the text. Users can also create to-do lists and add images, either by taking a photo with the device’s camera or by adding an image stored on the device. Each note has several customization options: Users can set a reminder for the note, change its color, tag it with a category (like “home” or “inspiration”), share it (via email, other Google products, or third-party apps), or remove it from the screen by placing it in the archive or the trash. 

Each note appears as a tile in the Google Keep app or in a Web browser via Google Drive, and users can choose to browse their notes as a collage or in a single column. Several how-to notes appear when the tool launches for the first time, giving users a quick rundown of its features. For now, Google Keep is available for Android devices, as a Chrome browser add-on, and on the Web through Google Drive. Although there isn’t an iOS app, some third-party developers have created tools that let iOS users access the service.

How can I use Keep in my classroom?

Have your students use Google Keep as a go-to tool for capturing info in the world around them, whether it’s quick notes to self, images that inspire, research info they need to remember, or an ongoing list of things to do. Students and teachers can share assignments or notes with classmates while planning a long-term project.

You could encourage students to use Google Keep as a daily planner, listing their upcoming homework assignments and checking them off as they’re complete. Sharing to-do lists with teachers and parents can promote accountability and help kids build skills for organization and time management. For project-based classrooms, Google Keep can also be used as a tool for documentation. Have students take pictures of observations for research, their learning processes, and the finished products of their learning efforts. – Common Sense Education

“As a teaching tool, I think Google Keep is a fantastic resource to assist students with organization and collaboration. Whether they are working collaboratively or individually, there are many useful features. I especially like the ability to share across devices and have changes automatically saved, especially since students tend to use multiple devices depending on where they are working. I also love the archive feature because when students accidentally (or on purpose) delete their notes, they are easily recovered. As a teacher, this tool is a lifesaver for me. I have used it to track and organize ideas, keep my many different to do lists, save interesting articles and resources for later, and collaborate with other teachers on projects. I also love the color coding feature because I can easily see what is work related and what is personal. As far as I can tell, there are unlimited labels as well, and I like being able to tag notes using multiple labels. Final note – all of the teachers I have convinced to try this tool have come back to me to tell me how much they love it!” – Marianne R., Media specialist/librarian, Huntersville, NC.