Image result for kahootKahoot! is a free game-based learning platform for teachers of awesome and classroom superheroes. Play, learn, have fun and celebrate together.

How can use Kahoot! in my classroom?

With Kahoot, teachers and students can create multiple-choice quizzes as well as polls and surveys that populate on-the-spot data (although this data isn’t saved over time). Other than their own scores, students only see the top achievers, so low-performing students won’t feel put on display. Quiz questions and polls stimulate quick instructional decisions as well as whole-class discussion, but an open-ended response feature and/or the ability to string together a quiz and a poll in one game would be welcome to aid learning. Tech savvy-students can connect with students from across the globe to play or connect to their peers after-hours to compete for new scores.

Data can be downloaded by teachers (or student creators) and viewed in Excel. These reports can be helpful, but data can’t be compared over time for classes or individual students since accounts are not required for students (even though they can, if they choose, create them). For teachers, this means it can be time-intensive to analyze students’ growth patterns or individual problem areas using Kahoot quizzes. – Common Sense Learning

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