Image result for science journal googleScience Journal transforms your device(phone or tablet) into a pocket-size science tool that encourages students to explore their world. As they conduct eye-opening experiments, they’ll record observations and make new, exciting discoveries.

Science Journal makes it easier for you to excite your students with fun experiments. Enrich your current lesson plans by using Science Journal to take notes and measure phenomena.


How can I use Science Journal in my classroom?

Students can use device sensors to measure light, sound, movement and more! They can compare results and even set triggers to tell the app when to record.

You can choose from a bunch of pre-made experiments that will shed light on everyday chemical reactions, teach students how a speaker works, help them investigate perpetual motion–and more!

Teachers can use Science Journal to help students design and conduct their own investigations. Use the Getting Started activities on the Making & Science website to familiarize students with the tool. Each one takes only about 15 minutes. 

If it works with your content, have students follow the detailed instructions to design, build, and test their own wind spinners. Otherwise, once students have spent some time playing with the app, encourage them to plan and carry out their own experiments. -CSE