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Fourth Grade

Welcome to 4th  grade! This is a great year of learning as your child delves into content areas and achieves greater understandings through cooperative and engaging lessons. Your fourth grader will be challenged to solve multi-step problems in Math related to applications in the real world, write a cohesive narrative when given a prompt, and learn Science concepts through investigative experiments. The curriculum also addresses our Texas history, so a visit to Frontier Texas is a planned event to look forward to. No matter what the subject, your child will learn to take notes and use them as a resource to study. It is important this year that your child learn to distinguish important ideas and organize their thoughts clearly. We invite you to come and see their notebooks!

In 4th grade, we are working to create a 21st century environment that reflects a technology based curriculum. We currently integrate projectors and computers to educate your child using the latest software and equipment to enhance your child’s learning. We currently have projects that are designed to integrate content area and technology that engage your child and increase comprehension. In addition, with the development of our new wing, we are looking forward to utilizing Promethean boards in our new classrooms.

Our goal in 4th grade is to create a partnership with you, the parent, to educate your child. We can teach your child, but we need you to support learning at home and explain the importance of having a quality education. This is a challenging year, but with your help, your child will be successful and learn the value of being a life-long learner.


Fourth Grade Bowie Bobcats come to school each day ready to lead, learn, and be a friend.  We know that no matter what happens, we choose who we will be and how we will react.  Our classrooms are safe, happy places to learn and grow.  We treat our classmates with kindness and fairness because we want to be treated the same.