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McMurry Campus In the 2008-2009 school year, McMurry University and the Abilene Independent School District (AISD) began a unique partnership by creating a program that offers enriched opportunities in math and science for 24 area fifth-grade students.  These students spend all day on the McMurry University campus to receive their instruction. The Math-Science Magnet School is taught by a highly-qualified, certified AISD teacher and is supplemented with the expertise of McMurry professors. The program provides participating 5th grade students a one-of-a-kind college experience and also provides McMurry education students with a unique opportunity for collaboration and participation.  The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) serve as the foundation for instruction in all academic areas. However, the curriculum is specially designed to capitalize on the students’ interests and abilities by emphasizing math and science through cross-curricular connections, hands-on activities, and amplified lessons.

How are students selected for the Math-Science Magnet School?

All students who meet the following admission requirements and submit a completed application by the appointed deadline will be entered into a pool of qualified candidates. From these candidates, a random selection process will be conducted to ensure multi-campus representation as well as a demographic representation comparable to that of the district. Students included in the pool of candidates, but not selected, will remain in the pool to fill additional spots as openings occur through the first semester of the school year. Applications are available in April for the following school year and are distributed to all 4thgrade students.

Admission Requirements:

– Interest in math and science

– Satisfactory attendance (6 or less absences per year)

– Satisfactory conduct

– At least an 80 average in core subjects

– Passing scores on state assessments