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Cooper Cougarette Purpose Statement

The Cooper Cougarettes are a group of 9th-12th grade students who not only perform at football and basketball games, parades and pep rallies but are also community minded. They serve throughout the year at the elementary schools and other community venues. Through dance the girls learn grace, coordination, dedication, hard work and discipline. These skills will continue to influence the Cougarettes as they leave high school and enter college, the professional world and lead their future families. A Cougarette will be recognized by her excellence in each area of her life, her dedicated work ethic to each detail and her bright smile and manners. To be a Cougarette is to be a part of a 40 year tradition of excellence and to be a lifelong member of a treasured sisterhood.



Kimberely McMillon is the Director/Choreographer for the Cougarettes and has over 40 years experience in the Dance/Drill Team Industry. Mrs. McMillon teaches English at Cooper. She can be contacted via email at kimberely.mcmillon@abileneisd.org