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Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools of the Big Country (CIS) is a student success organization that provides student success coaching to help students improve their school performance in the areas of Attendance, Academics, and Behavior. The overall goal is to help every student achieve success in school, graduate from high school, and be prepared for college, work, and life.

CIS provides a team of Student Success Coaches who work on school campuses to accomplish 5 objectives:

BUILD relationships with students to assess their barriers to success
PARTNER with school staff to help students navigate the barriers to their success
COLLABORATE with students to develop school success plans for improving in school
PROVIDE students with supports such as food, clothing, transportation, dental assistance, mentoring, tutoring, and other resources to help them better navigate the barriers to their success.
MEASURE their Attendance, Academics, and Behavior improvement at the end of each 6-weeks period.

CIS Big Country was established in 2001. Each year they help approximately 1,000 students improve their school performance. They cover 10 campuses across Abilene, Wylie, & Snyder Independent School Districts: Clack Middle School, Craig Middle School, Madison Middle School, Mann Middle School, Abilene High School, Cooper High School, Wylie Middle School, Wylie Junior High School, Wylie High School, and Snyder Junior High School.

Go to www.cisbigcountry.org to learn more about Communities In Schools.

Sheila Ashford (Success Coach) @ Craig Middle School
Communities In Schools of the Big Country
1654 Campus Court, Abilene, TX 79601
Office: (325) 794-4100 ext 5351, Fax: 794-1385



325-794-4100 ext. 5351