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Dierdre Massey, Counselor

Students: Alpha A-L

Stacey Collins, Counselor
Students: Alpha M-Z

Minnie Ruiz, Counselor’s Assistant

The Craig Counseling office offers a multitude of services to help you and your child.
We are here to:

    •    Enroll new students, withdraw students who are moving
    •    Counsel students who are in need of assistance
    •    Counsel parents who are in need of assistance
    •    Schedule classes for students
    •    Facilitate our ESL program
    •    Facilitate testing of students for various student services
    •    Facilitate standardized testing for the state of Texas

If you would like to see more about what we can offer as a school counselor or if you need access to more resources please visit our Counselor Support Page.

Creating a Welcoming Individual experience for every person that comes through our office. In order to enhance our relationship with parents and guardians of Craig Middle School, for the benefit of the children.