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Selection Criteria

A Read-Aloud Program for Grades K-2

A spring reading program promoted by the LRC.
The method of voting is left to the discretion of each librarian.
Voting is to be completed by May 1st.

Selection Criteria:
1. Currency: Copyrighted within three years; most current preferred
2. Interest level: K-2
3. Suitability for reading aloud to an entire class.
4. Reader and listener appeal
5. Balance:
A. Literary and aesthetic merit
B. Non-fiction, fiction and folklore
C. Curriculum needs
D. Ethnicity
6. Seasonal appropriateness
7. Hands-on preview required
8. Two favorable review sources required

Mockingbird Committee:
The Mockingbird Committee of Abilene Independent School District is comprised of all elementary and early childhood librarians as well as any member of the Center for Library Services faculty who wishes to participate. All members will have the opportunity to participate in the selection of the Mockingbird titles for the coming year during a June selection meeting.

The Mockingbird Committee will be a continual rotation among all elementary librarians. Each member serves according to the rotation schedule set out for Abilene ISD. Elementary librarians have sole authority in decisions/changes to the Mockingbird program. A majority approval is required for all changes.