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Kindergarten Q & A

Q:  At what age do children start kindergarten?

Children are eligible to attend kindergarten if they are 5 years of age or older on or before September 1 of the school year (Texas Education Code 29.152).

Q:  What documents do I need to register my child for kindergarten?

  • Child’s birth certificate & social security card
  • Current shot record
  • Proof of address (utility bill or rent receipt showing name and address)

Q:  Is Kindergarten all day?

Kindergarten in Abilene ISD is a full-day program.

Q:  What will my child’s day include while at school?

While schedules will vary, a typical kindergarten week will include:

  • daily literacy, science and math instruction
  • social studies and health instruction
  • daily calendar time
  • centers: academic reinforcement
  • physical education
  • fine arts
  • library time
  • computer lab
  • recess with peers
  • lunch

Q:  What will my child’s academic program include in Kindergarten?

A typical kindergarten day will include a literacy block consisting of shared reading, independent reading, shared writing, independent writing, guided literacy groups, center activities, word work, phonological and phonics work and handwriting.  Also included is a calendar time and math instruction including math centers and math manipulatives.  Kindergarten students will also engage in science and social studies instruction, regular access to the library, computer lab, physical education and fine arts.  Students are offered a daily quiet time during which they can relax and enjoy a variety of books as well as daily recess time.

Q: I thought kindergarten was meant to be a time of social adjustment. Why the increased emphasis on academics?

Making a social adjustment to a school environment is an important part of kindergarten and is emphasized during each school day. However, current research indicates that the most important school years for future academic success begin with kindergarten. The in-depth development of concepts and skills in a developmentally appropriate environment provides a successful approach to learning for kindergarten children.

Q: Is there a quiet time provided for my child, if needed?

Teachers schedule a quiet time each day for students to rest, listen to music, stories, etc., and take a break from their activities. This time may vary according to student and campus.

Q: Do kindergarten students attend fine arts and PE classes?

Abilene ISD is very fortunate to have certified music and PE teachers at each campus. Kindergarten students benefit from the experience of participating in music and physical education in their weekly schedule.

Q: Do kindergarten students eat in the cafeteria? Can they prepay for lunches?

Students eat lunch in the cafeteria. They may eat a hot lunch or they may choose to bring their lunch to school each day. Parents are encouraged to prepay for their student’s lunches in order to aid their child in adjusting to cafeteria procedures.

Q: Does the kindergarten curriculum emphasize science and social studies in addition to reading, writing and math?

Kindergarten students have science and social studies state essential knowledge and skills that are developmentally appropriate for their learning process. The objectives taught in social studies and science would be “hands-on” learning where students discover and learn about the world around them. The mathematics program is also aligned to the state essential knowledge and skills in mathematics. Students learn math by “doing math”, which involves using manipulatives and concrete objects to develop math concepts and skills.