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Plumbing Shop


Bryan Mannke, Maintenance Coordinator
325-692-7234 Ext. 4369

Maintain and/or repair the following:
• Plumbing fixtures, valves and water heaters
• Water, sewer lines and drainage systems
• Perform annual gas line leak test to assure safe environment
• Gas Smells
• Grease traps
• Natural gas lines
• Air lines
• Water and oil separators
• Water Fountains
• Storm drains

Gas Smells-Do not call Atmos Energy Call 

  1. Kristina 692-7234 Ext. 7555
  2. Tony Poor at 692-7234 Ext. 4332 or 660-0071
  3. Bryan Mannke at 692-7234 Ext. or 660-2224
  4. Lee Hatch at 794-4180 Ext. 7987 or 669-2355
  5. Rickey Wallace 692-7234 Ext. 8170 or 669-3775
  6. If no answers call 911 or Atmos Energy 1-888-286-6700

Recognizing a gas leak:

Smell-The distinctive “rotten egg” odor is added to make natural gas detectable

Listen-An unusual hissing sound near gas appliances or a blowing sound near gas lines

Look-Blowing dirt, bubbling creeks or ponds, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green, live plants near gas lines

Leave-Follow the important safety steps if a gas leak is suspected

Do not turn lights on/off, smoke use a cell phone or operate a vehicle or equipment that could cause sparks.
Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on/off.