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Plumbing Shop


Desmond Urata, Plumbing Supervisor
325-692-7234 ext. 7633
Cell: 808-479-7120

Bryant Snider, Lead

Mission Statement: To provide outstanding support to Abilene Independent School District in all aspects of plumbing support and repair. Ensuring students and facility have the finest learning facilities. Keeping abreast in new equipment and repair equipment. Providing up to date information to Abilene Independent School District on improvements; new repairs and new replacement options.

Maintain and/or repair the following:
• Plumbing fixtures, valves and water heaters
• Water, sewer lines and drainage systems
• Perform annual gas line leak test to assure safe environment
• Gas Smells
• Grease traps
• Natural gas lines
• Air lines
• Water and oil separators
• Water Fountains
• Storm drains

Gas Smells-Do not call Atmos Energy Call 

  1. Kistina Dello 692-7234 ext. 7555
  2. Desmond Urata 692-7234 ext. 7633 or (808) 479-7120
  3. Bryan Mannke 692-7234 ext. 4369 or (325) 660-2224
  4. Michael Scott 692-7234 ext. 8536 or (325) 338-9112
  5. Rickey Wallace 692-7234 ext. 8170 or (325) 669-3775
  6. If no answers call 911 or Atmos Energy 1-888-286-6700  

Recognizing a gas leak:

Smell-The distinctive “rotten egg” odor is added to make natural gas detectable

Listen-An unusual hissing sound near gas appliances or a blowing sound near gas lines

Look-Blowing dirt, bubbling creeks or ponds, dry spots in moist areas or dead plants surrounded by green, live plants near gas lines

Leave-Follow the important safety steps if a gas leak is suspected

Do not turn lights on/off, smoke use a cell phone or operate a vehicle or equipment that could cause sparks.
Do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on/off.