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After Hours Emergency Contacts

                Carlos Rodriguez-Maintenance Director                                 cell: 660-1441     home: 673-7051

                Rickey Wallace-Assistant Maintenance Director                  cell: 669-3775    

                *If unable to reach contact specific trade below


                BUILDING (roof leaks, broken windows, locks, structural, vandalism)

                Juan Zertuche-Building Supervisor                                             cell: 668-1255

                Clayton Jowers-Building II                                                               cell: 280-2529



                Lee HatchCustodial Services Manager                                    cell: 669-2355    

                Mark Cortez-North Side Lead                                                      cell: 386-8251

                Juan Lozano-South Side Lead                                                      cell: 386-8059


                ELECTRICAL (power outages, lighting, electrical circuits, fire alarms)

                Joanna Townsley-Electrical Supervisor                                    cell: 665-0164     home: 672-5332

                Garland Childers-Electrical II                                                        cell: 669-4490


GENERAL MAINTENANCE (fencing, parking lots, athletic fields, Shotwell Stadium)

                Scott Willis-General Maintenance Supervisor                      cell: 669-6724

                Gary Henry-General Maintenance II                                        cell: 665-9054


                GROUNDS (irrigation)

                Luke McSherry-Grounds Supervisor                                         cell: 668-2722

                Mike Nall-Grounds II                                                                       cell: 201-6285


                HVAC (cooling/heating & refrigeration equipment) 

                Robert Olvera-Heating & Air Supervisor                                 cell: 514-0138

                Barry Kramer-Heating & Air II                                                      cell: 518-6178


                PAINT (vandalism/graffiti)

               Chane Christie-Paint Supervisor                                                 cell: 721-2056

                Francisco Soto-Paint II                                                                    cell: 669-9754



PLUMBING (water/gas leaks, sewer/restroom stop ups, no water)

                Johnny Barnard-Plumbing Supervisor                                      cell: 864-8990   

                Bryant Snider-Plumbing II                                                             cell: 725-3520


If you cannot reach someone and the emergency needs our assistance, please

keep trying until you get someone.  If you absolutely cannot get someone:

                Water – the city can cut the water off                      325-676-6000

                Power – AEP can investigate power loss                  1-866-223-8508

                Gas-Atmos Energy investigate gas smells               1-888-286-6700


What to do if you smell natural gas:

  1. CALL Maintenance 325-692-7234/Kristina ext. 7555 or Tamara ext. 4393, Johnny Barnard 325-864-8990 and we will contact ATMOS.
  2. DO NOT turn lights on or off, smoke, use a cell phone, or operate a vehicle or equipment that could cause sparks
  3. DO NOT attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off
  4. Maintenance will notify you if the area needs to be cleared