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Custodial Shop

Fax: 325-794-1425


Lee Hatch, Custodial Services Manager                   Cathy Villarreal, Custodial Secretary

325-669-2355                                                                     325-794-4180 Ext. 2624

325-794-4180 Ext. 7987                                       


Mark Cortez, North Side                                                Juan Lozano, South Side

325-386-8251                                                                     325-386-8059                             


Maintain/and or clean the following:

  • Overall building cleanliness throughout the district
  • Restrooms throughout the day
  • Dust mop the halls and pick up trash
  • Litter around the exterior of the campus
  • Lunch rooms during lunch
  • Changing interior and exterior lighting
  • Changing out ceiling tiles
  • On campus moving
  • Supervision of custodians at the assigned campuses
  • Secure buildings at the end of each day
  • Overseeing custodial supply usage at the assigned campuses
  • Summer time duties including deep cleaning of all facilities: light fixtures, ceiling tiles, windows, white boards, furniture, carpets, stripping and waxing floors
  • At administrative request, we will cover any afterschool activity with a work order request

Event Break Down

When you need a custodian for an event (tournaments, carnivals, concerts, etc.) Request are only needed for after hour events

Please submit this request with a minimum of one week notice. If unforeseen circumstance requiring assistance with less than one week notice contact Custodial 794-4180, Roy Dudgeon ext. 1745 or Cathy Villarreal ext. 2624 after submitting this form.

The following needs to be filled out:

  • Location/Building

Please enter the campus and/or building where the Custodian will need to clean up.

  • Area/Room Number

Please enter the exact location(s) the event will be occurring. (i.e. specific classrooms, gym, auditorium, cafeteria, etc.)

  • Click on the event Break Down icon
  • Please describe your problem or request:

Please enter the following:

Date of the event                                        Actual start time of the event

Actual stop time of the event                   Who is the lead contact person and cell phone number

Description of the event