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Bids Process

All vendors (regardless of whether they are current awarded vendors or not) are required to log into our e-Bid website Supplier/Vendor Registration and register as a supplier/vendor. Once registered, the Vendor is electronically notified of bid opportunities that are relevant to their business and allows Vendors to electronically submit their bids to the Purchasing Office for evaluation. The Abilene Independent School District encourages participation by all vendors.

Competitive Procurement Law

The Abilene Independent School District, as well as all other school districts in the State of Texas, is governed by the state procurement law. The purpose and intent for the competitive procurement process is to obtain products and services at the “best value” to the district by stimulating competition. The Abilene ISD is committed to fair and equal competition among all vendors.

Vendor/Supplier Responsibility

It will be the sole responsibility of each vendor/supplier to maintain, and keep current, their company’s information on our Supplier/Vendor Registration website. In the event of a contact person name change, address, phone, etc., it will be necessary for the vendor/supplier to edit their company information on the e-Bid website. Passwords can be reset by the Abilene ISD Purchasing Office, by contacting Renee Calcote (325-690-3601). It is understood that all bid notifications will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the vendor; therefore, in the event of an e-mail address change or ISP change, it is imperative that the vendor information be kept current. Otherwise, bid notifications will never be received by vendor and the opportunity for bid submittal will be lost.

Vendor Disclosure of Certain Relationships/Conflicts of Interest

Effective January 1, 2006, a person or entity who contracts or seeks to contract with Abilene ISD for the sale or purchase of property, goods or services (as well as agents of such person) are required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) with the Purchasing Office. Each covered person or entity who seeks to, or who contracts with Abilene ISD is responsible for complying with any applicable disclosure requirements.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (CIQ) Form and Instructions

Tax Exemption

 The Abilene Independent School District is tax exempt on the basis that it is a governmental entity.

Current Bid Opportunities

Please visit Supplier/Vendor Registration to register as a vendor on our e-Bid system.  The upcoming bids are listed in the e-Bid system Current Bid Opportunities.  To view a particular bid, simply click on the bid of interest.

Note: it is the Vendor’s responsibility to obtain any addenda that pertains to a particular bid.