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Behavior / Mental Health Coordinators

Each coordinator is assigned campuses and works with administrators, teachers, and positive behavior liaisons for Tier III students. Each coordinator is housed on a campus where specialized classes for behavior or therapeutic intervention are housed. This allows for additional support for these classrooms, teachers, and students.

Ramon Zamora – District-wide Behavior Support Coordinator

ZamoraRamon Zamora currently serves as one of five Behavioral Coordinators for Abilene ISD. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Education/Elementary Education from McMurry University – Abilene Texas. Mr. Zamora is certified in general education, special education, ESL and CPI. At the end of his college career in 96’ he traveled to Amarillo Texas where he served as the Executive Director of Wesley Community Center where he over saw the Daycare, Afterschool Care and Senior Citizens Center. He has always had a desire to serve the community and to treat people holistically. After being given the opportunity to be in the classroom and return to Abilene and join the Bonham Elementary Team, he jumped on the opportunity to return to the area in 2003. Returning to Abilene he has held several positions as an Adapt Aide (1yr), Special Educational Aide (1yr), Special Educational Teacher(2yrs), 3rd,4th,5th grade Classroom Teacher (9yrs), Skills Specialist (4yrs), Behavioral Coordinator (2yr).

As a Behavioral Coordinator Mr. Zamora’s goal will be working with the Campus Administration, Teachers, and Behavioral Liaison to help students with Social skills outside of the regular education classroom daily as needed. His vision is to be able to connect with students and help them feel safe and secure to be able to learn in the classroom. They will be working on specific skills throughout the year including conversation skills (personal space, turn-taking, entering a conversation, staying on topic, etc.), perspective taking (identifying what others are thinking/feeling, etc.), play skills (how to enter a game appropriately, following rules, dealing with losing, etc.), emotion management (dealing with anger), classroom skills (raising hands, etc.), and many, many more. They will be working on these social skills while using core curriculum designated by grade level. No classwork will be missed or skipped during the lessons.

Rosemary Hollingsworth – District-wide Behavior Support Coordinator

Rosemary Hollingsworth serves the district as a Behavior Coordinator and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She serves students, families, staff, and administration in solution focused, person-centered strategies that allow for success in the classroom, the community, and the home. Having received her Master’s degrees in Family Psychology and Family Ministry, she utilizes a system’s approach that realizes the success of an individual is only found in coordination and cooperation with others with whom the individual functions. Her work with Regional Victim Crisis Center empowered her to serve within the most intense traumatic situations, bringing relationship skills and techniques to resolve and heal pain while improving function and resiliency. A trauma informed approach characterizes her work as she strives to create safe, trustworthy, and empowering environments for students and staff throughout AISD. In addition to her work with the district, she mobilizes within the community to bring mental health awareness to organizations and individuals who can influence circumstances for the marginalized and disenfranchised. She and her husband are parents to two adult children who graduated Abilene Independent School District. Their elementary aged son attends an Abilene Independent Elementary School. She is passionate about partnering with teachers and families to create safe and healthy school environments that enhance educational success for all students.

Susan Webb –  District-wide Mental Health Coordinator

Susan CronanMs. Webb holds M.ED Education Administration and Instructional Leadership from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as graduate level licensures in Special Education (Certified Intervention Specialist EBD) and Secondary English Education.  Prior to working in education, she was employed by Clear Channel Entertainment/Broadway in Cincinnati as the Managing Director for Subscriptions, Performance Manager, Education Coordinator and the Marketing/Public Relations Associate. Over her 20 plus years in education, Ms. Webb has found herself wearing many hats including “teacher with a rolling cart”, OAP director, assistant special education department chair, special education consultant, and district administrator to name just a few. For several years, she also served as a Kentucky state-appointed mentor for new teachers in training (KTIP).  Also in Kentucky, Ms. Webb was offered the opportunity to combine her experience working with special education students with her passion for providing services for students with mental health disorders where she created an intervention program which served her former district. After moving to Texas, Ms. Webb was hired by AISD to fashion a similar Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) at Craig Middle School and serve as the mental health coach for that campus. Today, TIP has four district-wide units on four campuses and she enjoys working as the district coordinator for TIP where she is surrounded by an immensely dedicated team of educators. In addition to TIP, Ms. Webb’s main role in AISD is serving the AISD community as the District Mental Health Supports Coordinator where she has the opportunity to combine many of the experiences and skills from other roles in order to collaborate and bring people together. Ms. Webb specializes in working with students with mental health concerns and working with campus principals and teachers on strategies for these students. She is a nationally certified trainer in Youth Mental Health First Aid, has extensive training in trauma informed care, and believes strongly in building bridges with community resources, and outside providers to establish a continuum of services for our students and families. One of her favorite thoughts on education comes from the philosopher and journalist Sydney J. Harris, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”—always encouraging students to look beyond what they know and to imagine what can be.

Sierra Greenwood, LPC – Behavior Support Coordinator

Sierra is a District Behavior Support Coordinator and Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a two time graduate of Hardin-Simmons University and has called Abilene her home since 2006.  Prior to joining AISD in 2017 she worked in treatment centers and higher education.  She brings experience working at every educational level and believes that mental health is a vital component to learning.