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Counselor Directory

Campus Name Email Title
Austin Elem. Lindsay Herrington lindsay.herrington@abileneisd.org Counselor
Bassetti Elem Cinnamon Thompson cinnamon.thompson@abileneisd.org Counselor
Bonham Elem. Kristi Harrison kristi.harrison@abileneisd.org Counselor
Bowie Elem. Jessalyn Woods jessalyn.woods@abileneisd.org Counselor
Dyess Elem. Kayce Neal kayce.neal@abileneisd.org Counselor
Jackson Elem. Madge Duwe madge.duwe@abileneisd.org Counselor
Johnston  Elem. Betsy Mosley betsy.mosley@abileneisd.org Counselor
Lee Elem. Debra Taubert debra.taubert@abileneisd.org Counselor
Martinez Elem. Victoria Dudgeon victoria.dudgeon@abileneisd.org Counselor
Ortiz Elem. Gayla DeLeVega gayla.delavega@abileneisd.org Counselor
Reagan Elem. Sally Smith sally.smith@abileneisd.org Counselor
Taylor Elem. Melissa Beyer melissa.beyer@abileneisd.org Lead Elem Counselor
Thomas Elem. Nicole Kittley nicole.kittley@abileneisd.org Counselor
Ward Elem. Crissandra Roberts crissandra.roberts@abileneisd.org Counselor
Clack M.S. John Phillips Counselor
Debra Brown debra.brown@abileneisd.org Counselor
Craig M.S. Steven Childress steven.childress@abileneisd.org Counselor
Tali Barbarick tali.barbarick@abileneisd.org Counselor
Melissa Pallarez melissa.pallarez@abileneisd.org Secretary
Madison M.S. Cathy Hillin cathy.hillin@abileneisd.org Counselor
Courtney Saunders Counselor
Laura Brokovich laura.brokovich@abileneisd.org Secretary
Mann M.S. Carol Burson carol.burson@abileneisd.org Counselor
Melinda Smith melinda.smith@abileneisd.org Counselor
Terri English terri.english@abileneisd.org Secretary
Abilene H.S. Dina Riggins dina.riggins@abileneisd.org Counselor
Roxanne Bush wuanickia.bush@abileneisd.org SAS Counselor
Sandra Wuorinen sandra.wuorinen@abileneisd.org Counselor
Cecilia Castillo cecilia.castillo@abileneisd.org Counselor
Maria Munoz Counselor
James McClure james.mcclure@abileneisd.org Sp. Ed. Counselor
Katherine Anderson katherine.anderson@abileneisd.org Secretary
A.T.E.M.S. Tammy Nall tammy.nall@abileneisd.org Dean of students
Cooper H.S. Tim Danley tim.danley@abileneisd.org Counselor
Emily Zeller emily.ellis@abileneisd.org Counselor
Sandra Harbour sandra.harbour@abileneisd.org Counselor
Ginger Held ginger.held@abileneisd.org Counselor
Kerri Kirby kerri.kirby@abileneisd.org SAS Counselor
Rosselyn Hyland rosselyn.hyland@abileneisd.org Secretary
Holland Medical  H.S. Jennifer Seekins jennifer.seekins@abileneisd.org Dean of Students
Kristy Borton kristy.borton@abileneisd.org Secretary
Jefferson Center Stan Levrets stanley.levrets@abileneisd.org Assessment
Anne Harper anne.harper@abileneisd.org Assessment
Lisa Goetz lisa.goetz@abileneisd.org Houston Sec.
Christina Ramirez christina.ramirez@abileneis.org DAEP Sec.
Juvenile Detention Center Angela Rice angela.rice@abileneisd.org Assessment
Woodson Center for Excellence Ann Smith ann.smith@abileneisd.org Counselor
Amanda Seymour amanda.seymour@abileneisd.org Secretary
Long Early Learning Center Christine Krause chirstine.krause@abileneisd.org Counselor
Sierra Greenwood sierra.greenwood@abileneisd.org
One AISD Center – Sp Ed Karen Clemmer karen.clemmer@abileneisd.org Counselor
Jamie Dikes jamie.dikes@abileneisd.org Sp. Ed. Counselor