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Field Trip Information

Things to Remember:

  • Request buses 2 weeks prior to field trip date
  • Try to prevent double-booking
  • If you cannot submit or approve a request, call Ashleigh Ochoa ext. 5414
  • Specify pick-up locations on the request
  • Specify in the comment box if a Lift Bus is required, plus the number of students in wheelchairs
  • Before submitting a request, refer to blocked days due to major events, like The Nutcracker, Philharmonic, etc.
  • NEW key drop-off location is below the sign that reads “KEY DROP OFF HERE”
  • In-town Field Trip rate $40/bus • Tutorials Bus rate $40/bus
  • Abilene State Park & May Farm will be charged by the mile this year.

Bus/Suburban/Malibu Rates

  • Yellow Road Bus (52 passenger) • $2.00/mile
  • White Road Bus (46 passenger) • $2.00/mile
  • White Road Bus (40 passenger) • $2.00/mile
  • White Road Bus (28 passenger) • $2.00/mile
  • White Activity Bus (16 passenger) • $1.00/mile (CDL required to drive)
  • Suburban • $.50/mile
  • Malibu • $.50/mile
Field Trips
Field Trip Request

(Google Forms) 

Use ONLY if nobody at your campus is available to submit a request for you. Contact Ashleigh Ochoa directly if a request is submitted via Google Forms.