• Hello Eagles,

    My name is Michael Garcia and I'm excited to be back flying with the Eagles once again. Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year I will serve as the Principal of Abilene High School. I truly am looking forward to roaming the hallways of Dear Old Abilene High where tradition connects generations and generations of families. It will be the goal and focus of AHS to continue to excel in the areas of academics, fine arts and athletics under a staff that is second to none.

    As a quick bio, I currently am in my 29th year in Abilene ISD where my career in Education started at Franklin Middle School coaching the Broncos and teaching Computer Literacy for 15 years. Next came AHS serving as an Assistant Principal where I  had the privilege of walking along side the grandest students proudly wearing the Black and Gold. Then an opportunity came along to lead the Longhorns at Jane Long Elementary. The 2016-2017 school year saw me complete my 2nd and final year leading the Tigers of Myra P. Martinez. So as you can see all of my years have been dedicated to the children and community of Abilene ISD.

    Since the end of the 2016-2017 school year, vast changes have come to AHS. Construction, installation of safety measures and the addition of new staff members are just a few examples of changes impacting the Home of the Eagles. We look forward to the development of the new baseball, softball and soccer dressing rooms on the north section of the campus. In addition, we are elated to provide a new location for Orchestra to meet and hold their practices. So as you can see, AHS contineus to pursue excellence each and every year. 

    In closing, thank you for allowing me to introduce myself and to say a few words. I want you to know I consider it an honor to lead the Mothership of Abilene ISD. My goal is to continue the excellent work setforth by the students and the staff of Abilene High School. Rest assured the focus will always be on the heart and soul of AHS and that would be our Eagles. I anxiously look to creating additional memories with the current and future generation of Eagles of Abilene High School where each and every day is a “GREAT DAY TO BE AN EAGLE!”

    Michael A. Garcia