• We are excited about the upcoming 2017-18 StuCo Year! Congratulations to the following students that have been elected to serve a StuCo reps for this school year. We are so excited to work with you as you serve the Austin Raider Community!
    Mrs. Arterberry and Mrs. Farina 

    5th Grade

    4th Grade

    Beckham Paul          

    Keegan Anderson

    Diana Silva              

    Mariah Lockett

    Ava Quinoes                     

    Emerson Brannon

    Tate Hallford          

    Roman Almanza

    Isabel Gebhart          

    Sam Horth

    Caven Dooley              

    Zoe Vann

    Bailey Hinds                         

    Claire King

    Brady Bennett                  

    Cannyn Childress

     Karyme Melendez

    Annaleah Melch

     Josh Melson

    Tristan Tardiff

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