• Welcome Thomas Texans!  It is my hope that this school year will be full of successful experiences for all students.  It is very important that you play an active role in your child's education.  I invite you to call or visit with me any time that you have a questions regarding your child's education.  

    Thomas Elementary is beginning their 3rd year with The Leader in Me.  We will continue to grow a leadership culture on campus and will be involving home and community as well. Thomas will be using the "CHAMPS" disicpline plan this year.  Your child will learn to "CHAMP" it in the classroom.  
    C = conversation
    H = help
    A = activity
    M = movement
    P = participation



  •  Cindy Hay

  •  Thomas Texans Mission Statement

    Love learning

    Excel in all we do,

    Achieve goals,

    Do what is right,

    Encourage others,

    Respect everyone and everything,

    Show teamwork



    Our Campus Behavior Coordinator is our principal, Cindy Hay.