• My name is Jill Dennis and I am the Literacy Success teacher for 1st and 2nd graders at Thomas Elementary.  It is exciting to watch the growth in reading strategies while working with our students. We read many books, study word parts, and write while we are together.
     Jill Dennis
    Thomas Elementary/Literacy Success
    671-4995 ext. 2842 
  • Reading Success

  • Literacy Success is a program designed to give additional assistance to students in reading. It is provided to Thomas Elementary with Title 1 funds. This program is for first and second graders. We meet every day in small groups for thirty minutes.


    We work on the following skills:      Comprehension-understanding what we read

                                                            Accuracy-reading words accurately

                                                            Fluency-reading accurately, with expression, and reading at the rate we

                                                       Writing-writing about the books we have read


    We learn strategies that help us with each of these areas.
     Students that are in Literacy Success may access Raz-Kids from home from the library homepage. Raz-Kids provides books that can be listened to, read by the child, and then the child is able to answer questions about the book.  If you are interested in doing this please contact me, I will give you the username and password to use.